7 Libra Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…

The Libra sign isn’t always so easy to figure out. Like an onion, they tend to be layered and getting to know them can require patience. To give you a better understanding of what they’re all about here are seven facts that explain them perfectly.

#1: Libras tend to be cool, calm and collected.

They strive to maintain a constant state of zen and they try not to sweat the small stuff. Their calm and laid-back demeanor often draws others towards them wherever they go.

Chill Relaxed Libra

#2: But if you mess with them they will become ferocious.

Just coz they’re chill – doesn’t mean Libra will let you walk all over them. They’re not afraid to tell you how it is and if you cross a line and try to take advantage of their kindness… well, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Angry cat

#3: Libras take time to fully open up to people.

Libras are complicated, multi-faceted beings and getting to know them requires time and patience. The wait is worth it though as they are some of the most loyal and thoughtful friends you could have!

Taking time

#4: Libras have killer instincts that almost always turn out to be right on the money.

Never underestimate a Libras natural intuitions as they are able to pick up on all sorts of subtle cues about people and situations. They’re known for noticing the little things that fly right over other’s heads.

Libra instincts

#5: Libras have a naturally friendly persona and they love to be social.

Libras are social creatures who love a good conversation. They tend to be friendly with everyone unless given a reason not to be. Sometimes they can come across as such a damn charmer that people even think the Libra is flirting with them – when in reality they’re just being nice!

Friendly woman

#6: Libras are deep thinkers – though sometimes they drive themselves crazy over-analyzing things.

Libras constantly find themselves caught in deep thought without even realizing it. They’re always mulling over something in their mind – though sometimes they can overdo it and over-analyze things to the point of driving themselves crazy.

Deep in thought

#7: Libras hate conflict and just wish that everybody could get along for 5-freaking-minutes.

Libras are all about fun and they like to see other’s having a good time too. They really dislike drama and conflict that isn’t necessary and they will go out of their way to prevent it before it happens.

Conflict resolution

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