5 Things Libras Are Kinda Obsessed With…

Everyone has their vices and their obsessions – and the Libra sign is no different. Below we’ve detailed five little-known things that most Libras find themselves totally addicted to.

#1: The sound of music.

Libras and Music are basically a match made in heaven. Everything is better with a song!

Musical notes

#2: Raindrops on the roof.

What better way to truly relax and unwind then by getting cozy and listening to the sound of raindrops of the roof?

Raindrops on a tin roof

#3: Shopping for bargains and exotic rarities.

Libras are notorious for their love of retail therapy. They’re also experts at hunting down deals on rare luxuries.

Libra out shopping

#4: A damn good story.

Few things captivate the Libra like a finely told story. Tell ’em a captivating tale and they will hang on your every word!

Epic storytelling

#5: Organizing chaos.

Libras love to organize chaos wherever they go. They’re able to turn the most disastrous of situations around and enjoy being useful in that way.

Organized chaos

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