5 Surefire Signs A Libra Woman Likes You…

Is your shirt flattering? Are your jokes funny enough? Will she like the restaurant you chose?

Dating is complicated enough without having to guess whether or not she is digging your vibe, so read on to discover five ways to tell if a Libra woman is into you!

#1: She’ll speak candidly and openly.

Sometimes confrontations can get hairy. They can cause anger, misunderstandings, grudges, or worse—breakups. With a Libra, however, a certain amount of confrontation is good.

Libra Woman In Love

A Libra lady will only share her annoyances or instigate deep discussions when she truly trusts and cares about you, so when she walks in and says, “we need to talk,” don’t get too nervous. In fact, you can even do a little mental fist pump, because you’ve reached a high enough status for her to show vulnerability!

#2: She’ll be decisive in what she wants.

People born under the sign of Libra often have strong traits of indecisiveness. They flit this way or that way and change their mind. Hesitance is an issue. If the Libra woman you’re after is into you, she’ll start to be more resolute and forward.

Libra Woman Questions Decisions

She’ll make her intentions known and work hard to develop the relationship.

#3: She’ll become more steady and settled.

Libras will often “initiate change whenever they see fit.” Similar to the Sagittarius, the Libra woman will move things around to suit her needs and lust for life. But when she starts to settle more then you know that you’ve reached an important level in her life.

Calm And Peaceful Woman

If you find that she becomes more content and peaceful around you then it could be a sign that you have captured the Libra woman’s heart.


#4: She’ll try to expand your mind.

As an air sign, people born under Libra are all about intellectualism. The Libra woman is much more than just a pretty face and when she finds somebody that she connects with she’ll naturally want to try to exchange wisdom and bounce ideas off of them.

Libra Woman Expands Your Mind

If she starts to recommend books, movies, documentaries and bring up thought provoking topics then it’s a surefire sign that she’s keen to get to know you more.

#5: She will relax and not care so much about how she looks.

Libras can be kinda superficial at times. They care about appearance, status, and the like. But if a Libra woman starts to let her hair down and worry less about how she looks or whether she has any makeup on then it’s a sure sign that she is digging your vibe.

Casual Couple

If you find she is more in the moment when she is with you you then it means she is comfortable enough around you to let her guard down and probably wants to develop a more intimate connection!

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