5 Signs You’re A Total Libra…

The Libra sign has many distinct characteristics that make them unique. If you’re wondering exactly how much of a Libra you really are – here are five telling signs that you were born to be a Libra!

#1: You get put-off by arrogance and over-inflated egos.

Libras don’t have time for over-inflated egos that just talk about themselves 24/7. Instead they’ll just walk right out the door.

Not impressed

#2: You instinctively try to mediate and fix other people’s problems.

When trouble is brewing Libras will instinctively try to find a way to prevent it. They can’t help but feel the urge to fix the problems of those they care about.

Libra mediation

#3: You try not to dwell on the negatives even when life isn’t perfect.

As much as they can help it, Libra will try to focus their attentions on the positives in life – and discard all of the negativity.

Positive outlook

#4: You have little time for pointless drama.

Libras don’t have a whole lot of time for drama queens and pointless bickering. Next!

Facepalm guy

#5: You take a while to fully open up to people.

Libras take a while to open up and really be understood. But those with patience will be rewarded with loyalty and laughter.

Skeptical Libra

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