8 Revealing Traits Of The Libra Woman…

Women born under the sign of Libra are fair and charming diplomats who are ruled by Venus which leaves them with a genuine connection to matters of love and friendship.

And today we’ll dive a bit further into psyche of the Libra woman by revealing 5 telling traits that almost all Libra woman possess!

#1: Libra women have a magnetism that draws people into their world.

Libra ladies are comfortable with who they are and they have a way of drawing people into their world with their magnetic personality and energy.

Magnetic Libra Woman

Libra women love social settings and can have conversations for hours on end about everything whether it be art, ideas or their future aspirations.

#2: Libra women are well known for giving damn good advice.

Librans can give you great advice about almost anything whether it be about the right time to ask the boss for a raise or just the best places to eat out. Ask her about fashion and she can probably tell you exactly which shoes to wear with that outfit.

Libra Women Give Killer Advice

In short she is capable of dispensing some damn good advice on a great number of subjects.

#3: Libra women can be incredibly persuasive and hard to say no to.

Women under this sign will exercise their charms and have you wrapped you around their little finger before you even realize what’s going on. If they believe in something they will pull you into the cause.

Libra Women Can Be Very Persuasive

They have a way of using their powers of persuasion along with their sound logic and reasoning to get almost anyone to come around to their way of thinking.

#4: Libra women make their friends and loved ones a priority.

Libra women deeply value their friends, family and relationships and often feel most happy when they are simply around the ones they love.

Libra With Friends

Libras make great friends thanks to their unwavering loyalty. Because of this, you can always count on them to be there for you when you need them.


#5: Librans are well-balanced and able to see both sides to a story.

Librans may teeter between different approaches to situations but they always manage to do the right thing. They usually won’t enter into a debate unless they know what they’re talking about and know that they’re right.

Libra Women Crave Balance

It is common to find a Libran woman weighing the pros and cons of arguments before they jump in and they make for excellent lawyers because of their need to defend the little guy.

#6: Libra woman are intensely curious and often found people-watching.

Libra women are extremely curious and they’re constantly trying to analyse and understand the motives of others.

Observant Libra Woman

They can often be found people-watching as they try to figure out just what is going on in the minds of others!

#7: Libra ladies are great problem solvers.

Libra women are clever thinkers and masters at finding out of the box solutions to problems that others have overlooked.

Libra Women Are Problem Solvers

If you have a problem and see no way out, call your Libra friend for help in seeing the bigger picture.

#8: Libra women take great care of themself.

Libran women enjoy going out looking their best whether it is to a party or a coffee shop.

Grooming Woman

She’ll rarely leave the house without a light spray of a floral or exotic perfume and she understands the power of making a really good first impression!

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